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Distributing internet to unconnected households

Meshlocals can be used to distribute internet to say, a distant hamlet that has no internet connection.

Part I: What's the plan (with diagrams)

Setting up the local mesh

Using Cjdns and ad-hoc wifi

over OpenWRT routers

At this point each household can already talk to each other, share data, files, have voice or video calls.

Bring internet to the local mesh

With a Wifi directionnal antenna from a household that has internet

Distribute Internet inside each household

Using a second modem router as LAN wifi access point

Part 2: real-life test implementation

Used hardware in use

For this testing implementation we'll need:
  1. For the meshing machine, one OpenWRT router able to run at least OpenWRT 17. In our case a D-Link DSL-2740B F1 sold in 2012
  2. For the home access point, one OpenWRT router even very old. In our case a Linksys W54GL v1.1 sold circa 2006
  3. For the Internet sharer part, a 2010 laptop with one available Wifi interface for meshing, and another network interface connected to Internet

A nice pair of creeps


Warning: while this tutorial is presented as sequential for ease of read and use, don't expect to start working before you have read it entirely. In fact some tasks described in it has to be done in parallel. Especially you'll need to already have configured Cjdns on the gateway to be able to give Cjdns gateway's credential to the meshing OpenWRT.

Cjdns basis concept

The routing


Private key
Public key and IPv6 address

Step 1: configuring the meshing modem-router

Flashing the router's firmware with openwrt

Configuring wifi

Give this router an internet access

Installing and configuring cjdns

Note: for very recent routers with Arm V7 processors, OpenWRT repositories' cjdns is currently (June 2024) not usable (crashes upon start). For this architecture of routers see http://cjdns.ca/openwrt-howto-RingtailedFox.txt

Removing password ssh access from the wifi interface

Adding internet gateway credentials to Cjdns IPTunnel section through luci app cjdns

Configuring a nameserver for the router

Turn the router in DHCP server for the home access point router

Step 2: configuring the home access point router

Flashing the router's firmware with openwrt

Configuring wifi

Step 3: Setting up the gateway

Step 4: additional steps

Enabling Cjdns on client devices in the house

It would allow you to use their Cjdns ipv6 address to pass as an example video calls with Linphone, inside the hamlet, even if internet is down.

Autopeering vs explicit peers?


see https://cremroad.com/hyberboria
TO be continued
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